Play and Creativity Sessions; Field Module

Week 1; Session 1

Today began by taking a brief insight of how workplace’s are introducing fun and play to their offices. Some of which are very large and well-known companies, such as Google, Lego etc. We were given a sheet of paper with multiple circles on, and then in a small time frame, sketch as many ideas as we could to fit the shape, for example a tennis ball or a bike wheel. Throughout the day we took part in several different thought processes. Another was taking a product, this being a plastic bottle, and finding many uses for it. I came up with many ideas, ranging from playing football with it to using it to collect stationary.

Session 2

This session was based around motivation. We were asked to write down 15 valued experiences (either from past or future) and had to remove the least important until we were left with just 5. The main thing I could see from mine is that the main aspiration of mine is all about money. Owning a company is something I have always wanted from a young age, although not completely knowing what area I would like it in.

Week 2; Session 3

For this session, we started with a task which at first seemed easier than it really was. We were put in groups of 4 and had to attempt the marshmallow challenge. This consists of creating a structure from no more than 20 pieces of spaghetti, a yard of string, a yard of tape and a marshmallow. The aim is to make a frame which has the ability to hold the marshmallow at its highest point. We found that although our final idea was a good one, as soon as the marshmallow was placed on top, it all came crashing down. From taking part in the marshmallow challenge, we then went on to watch a TED presentation which was based around the idea of the marshmallow challenge and went into detail on how children present better ideas and taller structures than those of adults which I found pretty hard to believe.

Session 4

Today’s session was based around our emotional state. We talked about what helps us concentrate and relax. For me I find noise is a huge distraction, along with having any access to social networking sites etc. I was glad to hear that I wasn’t the only to find motivation when I in the shower, when I have managed to take my mind away from work, comes along my better ideas. We then went on to write a poem, with no access to any technology or gadgets, we were advised to take a walk around. As I am not a keen writer I found this pretty difficult.


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