Material Research

I found it extremely hard to begin with this project as the brief was without a doubt the most open I had come across in my studies. After creating a mood board to give me some inspiration, I went on to look at what sort of materials I could use as a starting point.  Looking through several surveys and research I came to find numerous amounts of evidence showing which materials are recycled the most. This happens to be Paper and Card. The reason for this is because they are by far the easiest materials to break down. Here’s just one graph I came across which is a website gihly based on recycling and the re-use of old products


At first I was hugely surprised with this outcome as I thought that the majority of categories would overcome that of mixed paper. My family is not one that recycles and never has so I haven’t taken much time thinking of this; although since starting this project they have started recycling. With this in mind I have become set on the idea of collaborating with mixed paper as it seems the most logical idea.


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