Final Outcome – Mobile Phone Music Enhancer (Pulp)

After much thought, I finally found a design I was happy and fit its purpose at its best. I wanted to allow the design to be as quirky as possible and to make people wonder what the products main function was. I came across the idea of being able to direct sound, which as you can see from the images below, the top can be moved at different angles with ease as pulp is a relatively easy material to bend, especially in this case with certain folds. From looking at Bose products, I attempted to merge their Waveguide technology in the smallest form possible by keeping to the idea of tubes. All phones are able to fit within the space available from the smallest phones right up to a Samsung Note.

Here is a very quick mock up created on Solid works to see how it would appear in a 3 Dimensional form.Image

Hand RenderSketch13495420

To Scale Drawing (A3)20140212_231830


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