3rd Year Product Design – Field Exhibition Invitation Design

From the turn of the year, we were introduced to field. This being ran on a slightly different layout to that of normal years as part of this was to design and set up our own end of year exhibition for families, friends and even industries to come along and view our final project work built up throughout the year. I was part of the invite team, with this the opportunity to design the invitations which will be sent out to companies that students would like to visit.

It started by generating possible routes to go down with the designing of an important piece. We didn’t want the experience to be dull and boring as we wished to gather the attention of those invited. We looked at several possibilities. However, as time went on we learnt that there were several issues confining the area we wished to go down and had to look at the design differently.

Budget became a problem in the designing as we had to limit the materials and processes used and had to start looking at those available to us at a more appropriate level. From this we started looking at possible routes to go down from existing designs, and came across one I found extremely attractive and effective and due to the characteristics of our building, possible to recreate this in the same manner.

From this, we attempted several different techniques to allow the product to be bent but came across small issues, mainly this being down to the angled roof. As you can see from the development models shown in the pictures, we found a new way to create the same basic idea but without the use of pop-up. We had weekly meeting with the entire class and asked for feedback as to whether we were going down a route everyone was happy with or if we should make changes which helped push the development into a state where all were happy to continue.


We tested a range of materials to see which looked the more appealing for such a piece, but we also had to take into consideration the amount of sheets of whether that being card/ acrylic/ plywood needed to produce the 100 invites. Materials were limited but once we had started producing more developed models, the colours of the card supplied gave the design a raw feel to it and sat quite nicely with the existing branding already produced by other groups.

Final outcome

As a group, we were very pleased with the final design as it produced all what we had set out to do. With the piece being quite attractive, it is something a person can keep on desk/station to remind themselves about the event without looking out of place. With an extremely strict budget being spread outside of the invitations, we made well of the materials and facilities available to us.


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