Interaction Design – Steve Gill

Today we began on our project, with an aim to produce a 200 second video on our desired brief. We were given 2 options to choose from. These being:-

Option 1: Produce a computer interaction artifact and/or system for use by animals.

Option 2: Design a physicality-based human-computer interaction artifact and/or system with no screen

Originally I wanted to attempt what to me would be the most difficult outcome, which without thinking in great depth, the option of creating a computer interaction system to be used by animals suits this. After speaking to Steve Gill and expressing my opinion, he showed me ways in which I looked at things in an obvious fashion. I was then shown different technologies I have not come across before  (Blog post on these) which gave me a whole new insight towards the options.

I then went on to write my brief.

Create a physical playground which will bring fun tn a specific area with the use of an interactive system. The system will be inspired from new technology I have been shown of recent. I will look at certain areas in which more fun being introduced will benefit. I will aim to remove any age limit to those who will use it, giving the opportunity to be as open as possible. The system will also help to bring more interaction between people and get those who wouldn’t normally communicate to do so.

I started by writing down many areas which interactive systems could benefit the area

  • Schools
  • Train Stations
  • Universities
  • Swimming Pools
  • Corporate Lobbies
  • Landmarks
  • Shopping Centers
  • Playgrounds
  • Pubs/Clubs

After more thinking and conversations with Steve, it come to my conclusion that Swimming Pools were my desired area of focus. My next task is to come up with several ideas which will help make a swimming pool become much more social and fun than the ones of current.



Final Outcome – Mobile Phone Music Enhancer (Pulp)

After much thought, I finally found a design I was happy and fit its purpose at its best. I wanted to allow the design to be as quirky as possible and to make people wonder what the products main function was. I came across the idea of being able to direct sound, which as you can see from the images below, the top can be moved at different angles with ease as pulp is a relatively easy material to bend, especially in this case with certain folds. From looking at Bose products, I attempted to merge their Waveguide technology in the smallest form possible by keeping to the idea of tubes. All phones are able to fit within the space available from the smallest phones right up to a Samsung Note.

Here is a very quick mock up created on Solid works to see how it would appear in a 3 Dimensional form.Image

Hand RenderSketch13495420

To Scale Drawing (A3)20140212_231830

Sketch Sheets

Here are a few of my sketch sheets, showing my journey through thought. Originally, I looked towards the idea of docking the phone into the Pulp body to allow the sound to be enhanced but then come across several issue. The main one being that this idea was based around iPhone. Iphones happen to have speakers right at the base of the body, whereas other phones will differ. This is why I then went on to look at different ways in which the phone can be easily placed and removed into the product without having to worry what make of phone it is. When testing with different boxes and packaging, I came across the idea of creating a slot to slide the phone into and was lucky enough to find that this worked extremely well with several different model phones.Below are several sketch sheets, taking you through the processes used.

Docked IdeasImageSketch123144454

Tube IdeasImage

Slot Ideas/Further DevelopmentImageImageImage Image

Bose Electronics

For many years, my family have owned several Bose Stereo systems and I personally find that they produce the greatest quality of sound. The crisp of sound along with the depth of bass is incredible. From this I went on to look at how the products are made. Unlike your average stereos, Bose products contain a system known as a ‘Waveguide’. This consists of many passages from the speaker itself to the exit grill, allowing a much more compact product produce the sound of another much larger. I will take this idea into account when designing and developing ideas. Below are a few images showing ‘Waveguide’ technology in use.


Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System


Acoustic Wave Music System II


Wave Music System III

Change of Direction

After taking a break and leaving the case idea to the side, I then went looking for a new route, and was lucky enough to find one quite quickly which I am happy with. Being a fan of all types of music, I thought I would base my project around the sound of phones and to attempt to find a way in which I could amplify this.

I started by going straight in with sketching. Looking at different ways and shapes I could play with. From this I tested placing Mobile Phones (in this case the HTC One) inside different styles of boxes and paper containers. This ranged from Cat food Container to egg cartons. From these tests I found that the egg carton portrayed the best result, boosting the sound much greater than the others. I found this rather odd as egg cartons are commonly used for sound proofing music studios as it absorbs vibrations. Below is the image showing my test.Image

As a last ditch effort to gain some extra research from my tests, I gathered as many odd shaped cartons as possible. With these i made slight edits to, cutting parts to be able to insert the necessary phone. After many attempts, an incision on a sweet container allowing the phone to lie down comfortably produced my best results yet. I was extremely happy to come across this as it gave me a firm direction in which this project was going. Below is the image of the most successful test.Image

Project Area

When it came down to finding a solid area I wanted to focus on, I looked through several options. The one I kept coming back to was that of Gadget accessories. Mobiles, Tablets and Laptops are used everywhere these days. I don’t actually know a person who doesn’t own at least one of the 3. With my idea of using mixed paper as my material choice, I brainstormed ideas and originally had my heart set on the idea of sleeves/casing for all of the items mentioned. After some planning and designing, I realised that the idea of having casing on an item is to protect it from wear, water etc. and knew that a paper product would not fit this purpose well. Here is a quick sketch sheet I drew up for this idea Sketch11201048

Material Research

I found it extremely hard to begin with this project as the brief was without a doubt the most open I had come across in my studies. After creating a mood board to give me some inspiration, I went on to look at what sort of materials I could use as a starting point.  Looking through several surveys and research I came to find numerous amounts of evidence showing which materials are recycled the most. This happens to be Paper and Card. The reason for this is because they are by far the easiest materials to break down. Here’s just one graph I came across which is a website gihly based on recycling and the re-use of old products


At first I was hugely surprised with this outcome as I thought that the majority of categories would overcome that of mixed paper. My family is not one that recycles and never has so I haven’t taken much time thinking of this; although since starting this project they have started recycling. With this in mind I have become set on the idea of collaborating with mixed paper as it seems the most logical idea.

Mood board; Existing Recycled Products

Mood board; Existing Recycled Products

Today we were given our brief; TO CREATE A NEW ART/DESIGN CONCEPT (AT SKETCH LEVEL ONLY) FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS, BASED ON RECENT LECTURES. These are a selection of images I believe show our given brief at its best. Most products shown portray a great sense of Fun and creativity from the designer.

Fun Offices

Fun Offices

After being advised how company offices are becoming more involved with their playful sides, I came across this fantastic image which shows a variety of very well known companies worldwide. Having several jobs throughout my life, the most exciting of offices I have been near was that which had a free hot chocolate machine; not that i’m complaining.