Interaction Design – Project Start

After having my tutorial with Steve, I began to look at the sort of route i could take this project in. As i already knew i would be basing it in swimming pools, i made a list of the different types of games that could be brought into such areas. When discussing with Steve, he advised many different ideas and it was nice to see that he was as excited about the idea as i was.  Below are a couple of sketches and ideas sheets showing a brief brainstorm of early concepts.

From this, i kept finding myself looking at one idea in particular  which i thought would be extremely exciting if the system was to be made into a reality. This system was a game for more than one person which includes the use of 3D projected sharks, underwater speakers, and laser guns. As crazy as this sounds, the system would work quite simply. The game requires a person to control a board, which is ran with the use of magnets and sensors. When a magnet (Shaped like a shark) is moved across the board which will be a map of the pool, the 3D holographic shark will be portrayed onto floor of pool. With this, the persons  already in pool will attempt to escape this shark or kill it with laser guns supplied once entering pool. doing so will allow the victor to gain control of the board, hoping to catch his friends. When the shark is killed, or the shark manages to catch the person, speakers which are placed into the flooring of the pool will vibrate, creating bubbles as well as sound effects. To add to theses features, lighting effects will be used. For instance, if the shark is killed, a ray of red light will be shone onto area to create the sense of blood etc.

SAM_1129 SAM_1130






Sketch Sheets

Here are a few of my sketch sheets, showing my journey through thought. Originally, I looked towards the idea of docking the phone into the Pulp body to allow the sound to be enhanced but then come across several issue. The main one being that this idea was based around iPhone. Iphones happen to have speakers right at the base of the body, whereas other phones will differ. This is why I then went on to look at different ways in which the phone can be easily placed and removed into the product without having to worry what make of phone it is. When testing with different boxes and packaging, I came across the idea of creating a slot to slide the phone into and was lucky enough to find that this worked extremely well with several different model phones.Below are several sketch sheets, taking you through the processes used.

Docked IdeasImageSketch123144454

Tube IdeasImage

Slot Ideas/Further DevelopmentImageImageImage Image