Final Video; Shark Attack – Interaction Design David Rees Stop Motion

After much play of trying to get the correct sound effects to fit in with my video, I was very disappointing to find that i was unable to find most sounds needed. I came across little sites which allow you to download the correct file type to be applied to a Windows movie. Once I applied a couple of sounds into place, I did not enjoy the outcome as it sounded as if the video was unfinished and rather unprofessional. Due to this I removed the few sounds I was able to find. Even though this is the case, I am still extremely happy with the Final piece as it was made over a couple of days and still works very well. I believe it shows the aim of my product/system quite effectively and gives the viewer a sense of fun.


Stop Motion with Lego, Sound Effect Attempt

Here is my first attempt at adding sound effects to my video. As my main piece of feedback was aimed at the lack of sound, I had to give it a go. I knew Sound would enhance the final piece even more as there’s nothing worse than watching a video with no sound. This is just a quick snippet of the use of water splashes which I personally think works rather well. I will now go on and attempt to apply more sound effects although I am finding it difficult to find the correct sounds needed.

Interaction Design – Cool Links

Here are a few pieces of new technology which I was introduced to by Steve Gill. I found these extremely interesting as they are all projects which don’t contain screens or buttons but still function fantastically, whether as a system or just a piece of art.

Interactive Bath – Japan

Waterfall Display – Osaka

Water Fountain Show – Busan, South Korea

Synchronized Ferrofluid Sculptures

Wooden Mirror

Mood board; Existing Recycled Products

Mood board; Existing Recycled Products

Today we were given our brief; TO CREATE A NEW ART/DESIGN CONCEPT (AT SKETCH LEVEL ONLY) FROM RECYCLED MATERIALS, BASED ON RECENT LECTURES. These are a selection of images I believe show our given brief at its best. Most products shown portray a great sense of Fun and creativity from the designer.

Fun Offices

Fun Offices

After being advised how company offices are becoming more involved with their playful sides, I came across this fantastic image which shows a variety of very well known companies worldwide. Having several jobs throughout my life, the most exciting of offices I have been near was that which had a free hot chocolate machine; not that i’m complaining.