Bose Electronics

For many years, my family have owned several Bose Stereo systems and I personally find that they produce the greatest quality of sound. The crisp of sound along with the depth of bass is incredible. From this I went on to look at how the products are made. Unlike your average stereos, Bose products contain a system known as a ‘Waveguide’. This consists of many passages from the speaker itself to the exit grill, allowing a much more compact product produce the sound of another much larger. I will take this idea into account when designing and developing ideas. Below are a few images showing ‘Waveguide’ technology in use.


Companion 20 Multimedia Speaker System


Acoustic Wave Music System II


Wave Music System III


Change of Direction

After taking a break and leaving the case idea to the side, I then went looking for a new route, and was lucky enough to find one quite quickly which I am happy with. Being a fan of all types of music, I thought I would base my project around the sound of phones and to attempt to find a way in which I could amplify this.

I started by going straight in with sketching. Looking at different ways and shapes I could play with. From this I tested placing Mobile Phones (in this case the HTC One) inside different styles of boxes and paper containers. This ranged from Cat food Container to egg cartons. From these tests I found that the egg carton portrayed the best result, boosting the sound much greater than the others. I found this rather odd as egg cartons are commonly used for sound proofing music studios as it absorbs vibrations. Below is the image showing my test.Image

As a last ditch effort to gain some extra research from my tests, I gathered as many odd shaped cartons as possible. With these i made slight edits to, cutting parts to be able to insert the necessary phone. After many attempts, an incision on a sweet container allowing the phone to lie down comfortably produced my best results yet. I was extremely happy to come across this as it gave me a firm direction in which this project was going. Below is the image of the most successful test.Image